Be Wary of Signals You Emit Using Words

Words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs are beautiful things depending on the words they contain and their meanings. Many of them can mean as they are in general connotation. People who take things at face-value trust another person definitely, but sometimes, these words could mean differently.

People have tendencies to overcompensate themselves to cover for certain errors or sins they have committed against another person. Lying, even white lies, can make a person overcompensate.  Sometimes, we give too many unnecessary details that the person we are talking to may wonder too deeply why we needed to share such information.

The words you use also reflect your knowledge and intelligence. Using jargons shows your knowledge and dedication to your craft, but it also indicates your lack of socialization with other people and professionals. When you adapt your words, it shows that you are adaptable and possibly knowledgeable not just in your primary field, but other interests you might have

Word can also mean other things. Artists normally use words that contradict to express themselves. If you use symbolisms that are unrelated, you can create signals that are fresh or lovely for some readers or listeners. You could even create your own form of language that people can recognize and understand for themselves as well.

However, in the professional world, meanings are very important, so be wary of the signals your words can emit. They can be helpful, but any harsh word could result into emotional injury for some individuals.

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Developing Your Skills in Damage Control

If you are passionate, you will realize if you really are passionate about something if you embrace the ups and downs of what you are positive about. When you are passionate, the decision is often very biased towards your wants and disregarding what is practical. This is the perfect ground to develop your damage control skills.

If you can accept the fact that there are no good or bad decisions in life, then you are on your way to developing damage control further. When you do not regret a decision you make and allow yourself to live and deal with the present, then you have a chance to further level-up your talents at managing and making things better for yourself.

First, when you have a confusing decision in your life, do not try to analyse or think about the facts too much. Make a decision and stick by it regardless of its consequences on you.

Then, if you find something wrong or you feel something is off about the decision, analyse the results of your decision and list down the positive aspects of the decision you made. Once you know what you can enjoy, you could also analyse what could be best for everyone in your decision.

Damage control is ensuring that everyone affected in your decision also sees the bright side of your decision, including the ones you deprived in making the decision. It is a form of improvisation that helps you have a peace of mind and encourages you to grow and improve as a person.

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Injury Compensation Claims Against Your Neighbour

We’ve all heard of stories about personal injury claims during car and work accidents, but I think my story is quite unique. I’ve filed an injury compensation claims case against my neighbour because of a bizarre incident that happened to us two months back.

Two months ago, I had my brother stay with me in my house because he was about to attend a job interview. My neighbours are friendly people, but I do not really know them very well. All I know is that they like customising and making parts for their vehicles.

The incident that happened was very rare. They were using compressed gas cans to clean a certain part they made for their vehicle and one of its parts flew straight to my brother’s leg. The metal part, ejected by the compressed gas, hit like a bullet. We had him rushed to the hospital.

My own insurance had my brother’s name in it as I am unmarried and this covered for his medical expenses. However, I said to my neighbours that even though the incident was an accident, they will still need to provide compensation. But we were all clueless as to the other damages they need to pay for because of the incident.

Upon consulting a claims expert, he made it clear to us that my neighbours also have to pay for emotional damages; my brother was to start work the following week and was delayed a month, losing the job as well. The potential loss of wages we waived off because my brother wasn’t able to start.

I still maintain good relations with my neighbours and all had been forgiven. They had moved their car parts production activities elsewhere in a new lot they purchased to start a factory for their hobby that can turn into a business. I wished them good luck.

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Necessary Stress, Necessary Evil

In my entire life, I’ve always tried to pursue a novel objective, and improving my art of writing was one of them. When I was a kid, I wanted to write stories about my dog, about my new bicycle, about the animals we had in our yard. When I learned that writers made a living, I tried pursuing them.

Some of my dreams became true. I won top prizes in writing contests. I’ve written speeches for winning class candidates for officers. In college, I wrote for a short story contest and the first place was mine.

You might be thinking I’ve got it made; That I’ve finally found my spot as a writer, or even an editor.

No, I’m just a guy who cannot even put his name on his works.

A ghost writer is a person who writes blogs anonymously while choosing a different character from a persona bank he or she has. My knowledge in the different styles of writing helped a lot in pursuing this. You might ask how I ended up here.

Let me just say that from a child to an adult, I wrote because I wanted to express myself, and most of those stories came from times of laughter, times of extreme joy, times of pitiful sadness, times of regret and times of struggle. If I enjoyed my work, I would never have anything to write about because I’ll never appreciate the good things happening to me.

This is why I do this non-creative work; because it is a necessary evil, a form of stress that helps me acknowledge the existence of happiness in my life.

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Failing Gracefully in Your Objectives

A new year brings great opportunity for change. People start making their own resolutions to change the way they live their lives. While the routine of work and entertainment will always remain constant, changing one’s way of living is more feasible.

However, some people set idealistic resolutions for themselves. People will want to stop smoking or drinking too much. Some will declare that they will avoid eating too much and work on their bodies to maintain their health. Some will promise themselves accomplishments in their career by doing better in their office.

All of these are objectives that people expect themselves to conquer. Everything is conquerable as long as one does not procrastinate. But sometimes, even those who try hard will fail and to learn from your failures, failing gracefully is the key to success.

A successful person is someone who understands that he or she could fail in their endeavours at any time; that their success rate is never at the highest especially when things become difficult. Failing gracefully, one can admit his or her own fault without a hint of denial and willingly learning from the mistakes they have made.

Remember that you cannot have everything you want to happen in your life and when you accept this as fact, your life can become much better as you become easily satisfied and you understand deeper the meaning of making resolutions is to know how to accept your failures, ideal or realistic your objectives may have been, with effective self-criticism.

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The Real Problem is Procrastination

Monday morning, you do not feel too inspired at all. All you want to do is skip work because you have a lot of other things on your mind that you would rather do than work on an 8-hour shift for a job you do not like. However, come Saturday morning, all you want to do is avoid the many things you thought of doing over the week by just staying in bed, surfing social media, chatting with friends and sleeping. Sunday night then comes, leaving you unfulfilled and miserable about Monday mornings, and probably your life.

The real problem is procrastination.

Put it this way; try a bit of exercise, even for just 10-20 minutes of jogging. The first five minutes will probably be the toughest you get, but once you step on the sixth minute, you just feel lighter and you have adrenaline rushing all over your body. Once you’re done, tired and breathing hard, you can tell yourself you did something right for once, that you’re thankful you accomplished something.

Accomplishing something releases endorphins in your body, which stimulates the vibrant, positive mood you have. The more you could accomplish something, the more endorphins are released. Sure, you could do this without having to achieve anything through illegal drugs, but it is a different kind of feeling if you knew that what you accomplished was difficult, and you used everything in your power to do it.

Procrastination is a difficult enemy, but if you push harder than you could, you could just get that motivation you need, not just to work yourself out, but to inspire you to do more to validate yourself, your existence and your passion, before Sunday night comes.

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Your Fear is Your Biggest Enemy

One of the biggest benefits of detachment is when you realize that fear is only a construct that you create. Fear is recognizing your limitations, which makes you worry because these can become your handicap when the time comes you need to step up against your limitation. When you’re detached, you forget about fear because you are holding onto nothing but the confidence you have in yourself.

The recognition of fear is natural in a human being; it helps one recognize what oene needs to do to alleviate that certain fear. However, living in constant fear without trying to improve your personal capabilities to alleviate that fear is unhealthy. It also creates for paranoia and schizophrenia in worst cases.

Truly, there are things that exist beyond an individual’s control, such as the nature of causality or the random actions of other people leading to consequences that could be both positive and negative. Many people fear this kind of threat in making their decision their whole lives. However, if you’re detached from the outcome of your situation, you will fear nothing.

The cure for paranoia and schizophrenia is enhancing your ability to accept any from of outcome and provide a solution for any kind of downfall that could come your way. When you’re detached and you’re thinking of solutions instead of what you’re feeling right after a downing moment in your life, you lose your ability to fear and instead you become confident in yourself.

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Detachment: Nothing Lasts Forever

Many people recommend that minding your own business is the best way to live one’s life. Detachment allows you to sever your attachment by devaluing things. This includes knowing that even the people and the things you love will not last forever. By having acceptance, one understands that life is a journey, which gives people the capability to effectively control their emotions.

When one accepts this fact, they also answer an existential question on its own. The meaning of life is what one makes of it because life ends. Why one exists is dependent on one’s view of him or herself. Detachment makes it possible for the person to learn objectively from their mistakes and the mistakes of others.

However, not even detachment lasts forever. There will be a time that even the most detached person will feel a valuable attachment to a person, a thing, an event or a place. Regardless of what this is, this attachment will remind them painfully of a constant in the world, which is change.

Like all things, detachment allows one to escape the threshold of emotions and continue to move on in the journey called life without any regrets and inability to understand the meaning of his or her life.

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Creating an Effective PPI Compensation Claim

There is no easy way to reclaim your payment protection insurance refunds. You will always need to invest time and effort in ensuring that you get back all the refunds you deserve. Creating an effective PPI claim is the first step.


1. Billing Statements
Make sure that you have all your billing statements. Evaluate your statements from the first to the most recent billing statement you’ve received. It is highly important that you cross-reference your billing statements with your bank to verify their validity.

2. Compound Interests
Your payment protection insurance could have increased your loan interest rates. If it had increased your loan or mortgage interest rates, then you might be eligible to receive what you paid for these compound interest rates. However, you might need the help of a professional loan PPI calculator to get back your compound interest repayments.

3. Contacting the Bank
Your bank will have a PPI claims centre where you could call and talk about your PPI. Make sure that you precisely explain how you were mis sold PPI, your circumstances upon being mis sold, the inclusions and exclusions of the PPI that do not give you eligibility and the length of time you might receive your refunds.

4. Rejection
In case the representative does not uphold your claim and you are not satisfied with this end, you could contact a claims management company such as PPI Calculator Co to help you get a better result.

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Forgive, But Never Forget

The news about medical professionals and innovators working on a new device that would allow individuals the power for selective memory loss raised intrigue in most people who wish to remove unpleasant experiences from their childhood. Such a device or process is indeed miraculous, but it is never a good thing to always forget.

After a break-up, many of your friends will tell you to forget about the person and move on with your life and you will find someone new. It is possible to temporarily forget about certain details of your life but the rest, you learn to live with it.

This is why people learn to forgive but never forget. While not every person who cannot forget harbours rage and revenge for an unpleasant experience, some just decide to live with the consequences of their actions. The more they accept the fact that it had already happened and will remain a part of their life story, the more they develop as a person.

You could always forgive, but it is highly important that you learn not to forget. When you don’t forget, it is important that you learn from what you cannot forget.

After all, life will be senseless without the gift of memory.

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